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The Utopia of LiveJournal

promoting poop & peace
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All members of this community love POOP & anything to do with poop such as poop jokes, poop riddles, poop poems, poop sonnets, poop haikus, poop metaphors, poop similes, poop monologues, poop songs, poop pictures, farting, diahrea, constipation and any other thoughts concerning poop. Feel free to add any of your original poop stories, poop fears, poop dilemnas or poop struggles.

Now, there are three types of people we expect that will stumble upon this community:
Type A:
You will find it absolutely repulsive & will feel like a worse person for finding it.
Type B:
You will find it moderately amusing but will continue to ask yourself "..Why?"
Type C:
You are cooler than Type A and B. You will embrace this community for what it is & are not ashamed of your deep seeded need for dung. You are the backbone to what makes Fecal Friends a beautiful place.

So Type C, drop your pants & make yourself feel at home!

[NOTE] This community does not support poopography (porn with poop). If there are any posted images or dialects of that subject matter then you will be pooped out of Fecal Friends.

Bottom line: We poop in toilets not on eachother.