Floyden (stumblingrower) wrote in fecal_friends,

Shit (poo) survey

Poop Pet Peeve:
Longest Amount of Time You Have Taken in the Bathroom: Probally close to an hour
Shortest Amount of Time: about 10 seconds
Most Amount of Wipes (approx.): half a roll of teepee easy
Least Amount of Wipes: like one piece of teepee
Favorite Type of Poop: big wipeless poops that you dont really need to wipe its so dry
Favorite Smell of Poop: Death trapt poop (no fan then close the doors so the next person to walk in the bathroom wants to pass out
Longest or Biggest Poop Description: up to the toilet seat rim filled with poop
Proudest Poop Moment: having to plung the toilet and it shooting up out of the shower drain
Most Embarrassing Poop Moment: toilet overflowing and chunks of poop floating on the floor
Other Great Poop Stories: swallowing gum then pooping it out and it getting stuck in my butt hair and having to rip that shit out OUCH
Favorite Poop Poem: bradys
Favorite Verse From the Diarhea Song: ohhhh mama mia ive got bad diarhea
Favorite Poop Joke or Quote: dont go in there for 35 to 45 minutes
Have You Ever Wiped And Accidentally Gotten Poop On Your Hand:ohhh man yess the other day at work i was in a hurry and totally streked poop up my hand
Have You Ever Gagged on the Smell Of your Own Poop:yes
Have You Ever Tried To Fart and Accidentally Shat:yessssss
Other Than Brown What other Colors Have you Shat:green (fruit loops will do that eat lots of em and you will see what i mean)
Do You Have or Have You Had Hemroids:no
If You're a Male, Don't You Just Hate Butt Hair:yea especially when gum gets stuck in it or sqwishy poop
Any Closing Thoughts:fecal japan should be the background to fecal friends
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