stranglysexy (stranglysexy) wrote in fecal_friends,

Poop Pet Peeve: running out of toilet paper
Longest Amount of Time You Have Taken in the Bathroom: i could spend all day in the bathroom.. on an average trip an hour
Shortest Amount of Time: approx... hmm.. 2 minutes
Most Amount of Wipes (approx.): 3-4 for maxium cleanliness
Least Amount of Wipes: 2
Favorite Type of Poop: non abrasive
Favorite Smell of Poop: poo covered up by an expensive perfume
Longest or Biggest Poop Description: hmmm.. they normally arent big or long.. average sized if not below average
Proudest Poop Moment: i poo-d in a aprtment grill. and wiped with my sock.
Most Embarrassing Poop Moment: anytime someone walks in after a stinky one
Other Great Poop Stories: umm.. opened the car door and sat with my butt over the side and shit on the parking lot
Favorite Poop Poem: i love poop
all day long
i love poop
Favorite Verse From the Diarhea Song: when your sliding into first and you feel something burst
Favorite Poop Joke or Quote: they are all great
Have You Ever Wiped And Accidentally Gotten Poop On Your Hand: no i have not. i normally wrap the toilet paper all around my hand in massive amounts as to avoid such problems
Have You Ever Gagged on the Smell Of your Own Poop: no, i dont eat alot of meat.. which makes the smell
Have You Ever Tried To Fart and Accidentally Shat: yes.
Other Than Brown What other Colors Have you Shat: green, light light brown and one time, black- it was scary
Do You Have or Have You Had Hemroids: no. i do not lean into my farts
If You're a Male, Don't You Just Hate Butt Hair: i am a female, and i hate butt hair
Any Closing Thoughts: no
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