Tracy Pee (xastheniax) wrote in fecal_friends,
Tracy Pee

blink 18poop

Pooping (violence)

Six poops went down the drain
One poop is a waste of time
I'd ask if you poop the same
Still pushing that chance to poop
Your poop in this cool room chills
Long poop that falls side to side
You poop and make time stand still
And each time you poop right on by

Like pooping
Your feces
Forever and after
Like pooping
Poop kills me
Forever and after

Can't count all the poops that fall
Can't count all the chunks that flee
She poops in the life to spare
Just colons are left to bleed
One poop and the pain goes down
Soft dog poop lays by her feet
Lay soft as you slowly poop
Lay still as you let it out
(Let it out)
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