G Unit Mutha Fuckin Soldier (daysoffenix) wrote in fecal_friends,
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Okay so this JUST happened to me a few minutes ago and it was awesome.
So I went upstairs to take my routine shower and as I climbed in I felt on top of the world and as if nothing could go wrong, but that was before I knew what was about to happen. I started lathering up and showering as every normal person does and then as my shower grew longer I really noticed that whew it really fricken smelled and I didnt like it one bit. I mean I was having to hold my breath and breathe through my mouth and it was horrid, so I was finally thinking okay something is wrong here and I peered out of the shower and took a gander over towards the toilet and....O M G either my mother or my father left a nice plump phat and juicy turd in the toilet and forgot to flush it and it was awful smelling, so I finished up my shower and toweled off and flushed that pup.
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